Aircraft Sale Leaseback

An aircraft sale leaseback is a smart way to leverage the equity in your corporate jet, business helicopter or turboprop you currently own. Whether you are looking to raise capital, retire debt, improve the balance sheet or avoid the risk of obsolescence we will work with you to structure the refinance of your aircraft.

The process…You sell your jet, turboprop or helicopter to a finance company, the Lessor, who in turn agrees to lease the aircraft back to you, the Lessee, without interruption of use for an agreed upon monthly payment, called Rent.  Advance amounts will vary depending on financial, credit and collateral review.

An aircraft sale leaseback provides options to operators seeking to improve liquidity, optimize cash flow, improve balance sheet presentation and need flexibility in structuring.  Leveraging the equity in your current aircraft is a smart way to procure capital for growth or restructuring.

Regardless of your situation, we will work with you to help structure a solution to meet your needs.